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Pieszyce city is located at the footsteps of Owl Mountains. It has very clean air and excellent microclimate. Pieszyce Castle, called Versailles of Lower Silesia, is located 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Dzierzoniow city, in the direction of the Owl Mountains.

From Wroclaw:
  • Take route E67 south; from intersection with highway A4 go for 32 miles towards Klodzko

  • Turn right in the village of Lagiewniki; go west on route 384 for 15 miles till you reach the Dzierzoniow city.

From Dzierzoniow:

  • Follow the "Walbrzych/Pieszyce" direction signs (route 383)
  • Pieszyce city is located 4 kilometers west of Dzierzoniow;


Castle is continuously under construction; it is open selectively
only to tourist groups.

To visit castle call in advance: 702-836-7257

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