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Hol Wejsciowy
Sufit Sypialni Komnaty Prezydenckiej

Castle History

The castle was in operation thought the 1960ís. It housed a movie theater and was used occasionally for dances. Not having a reliable caretaker, it fell in disrepair in the '70s.

Local people vandalized the castle by destroying artistic plaster works and removing floors, windows, and knocking off the wooden ceilings. The roof was missing gutters and many tiles, which speeded the demise of the castle.

In October 2000, when the new owners took the possession of the building, the castle was full of rubble. All ceilings were badly damaged and required replacement.

Also, after removing hundreds of tons of rubble from dungeons, it turned out that clay around castle walls no longer protecting it from the ground water.

A deep trench had to be dug out along all walls and special plastic isolation was put in place to protect walls from seeping water. Afterwards, dungeon walls were cleaned from mold and were filled with tens of tons of fresh sand.

The northwest castle walls had some serious cracks that were held together by huge metal rods. After analysis, it was determined that modifications done around 1800 have destroyed the structural stability of the building.

By adding two huge pillars in the right wing and returning walls on the ground level to the original design from 1615, the castle walls stop cracking.

One year later, when cracking of the walls stopped, artisans started repairing the ornamental plaster.

The plaster covering the castle walls was full of mold and after 400 years was massively peeling off, both internally and externally. To provide for clean and safe environment it was removed entirely.

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