Gabinet Komnaty Prezydenckiej
Pokój Śniadaniowy Komnaty Prezydenckiej

Walk Through

Since the reconstruction work is in progress, you may see considerably more than shown on the enclosed pictures. During the tour you may be shown halls and rooms presented in the enclosed pictures:

  1. Baroque facade with 24 karat gold-trimmed decorations

  2. Main Ballroom - trees and tons of boards have been used
    still visible reconstruction scaffolds.

  3. Baroque Entrance Hall

  4. Renaissance Hall

  5. Baroque Staircase with extensive decorative plaster works

  6. Main Library (in the process of reconstruction)

  7. Presidential Suite (5 rooms, plus the secretary room)

  8. Musical Room

  9. East-West Corridor

  10. Glorietta; located on the pond in the park.

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