Hol Renesansowy
Zamek Pieszyce
Hol Renesansowy

Historical Points

Ministers, generals, counts, kings and many foreign dignitaries visited the Pieszyce Castle. On August 16, 1762 Prussian king Fredrick Wilhelm II, The Great, entered the castle, and turning to his entourage said in French, “Finally, a real castle”. He has set up his headquarters at the Pieszyce Castle, and from its tall tower controlled the battle for Swidnica. His troops intercepted and defeated Austrian army coming with help to Austrian defendants of Swidnica.

Three months later Swidnica capitulated. This was a turning pint in the “seven-year” war. Prussia received Silesia and was ready for further expansion and speeding of the German unification.

In their pursuit of the Napoleon’s army, on June 6, 1813, Tsar Alexander I with Great Prince Konstantin, count Tolstoy, 25 generals and 215 officers stopped for extended stay at Pieszyce Castle. After Russian defeat of the French army at Lipsk, the King of Prussia and ambassadors from England and Austria came to nearby Dzierzoniow to meet with Tsar Alexander I. Some of the discussions on strategy for defeating Napoleon and the future of European borders were taking place at the Pieszyce Castle.

To commemorate the stay by these two great military leaders at the Pieszyce Castle, it will have two of its suites named after Alexander I and Frederic II. Both suites will be filled with paintings, memorabilia and artifacts associated with these leaders and the lasting values of the great nations they represented.

Because both, Frederic The Great and Tsar Alexander I were so successful conducting their affairs from the Pieszyce Castle, there may be something special about this place. You can check it for yourself by coming to Pieszyce Castle. After entering the gate, please stop for a few moments between the two sphinxes, look at the castle, and think of your own life and what is most important to you.

Maybe you will feel enormous burst of joy and energy as many people do. Maybe some new ideas will strike you, allowing you to make some important decisions or stimulating you to renew love that has been going through turbulent times lately.

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