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The Castle's Theme

Originally, the main function of castles was defense. Today, however, they serve as historical monuments and a display of artistic achievements of past generations. The Pieszyce Castle is unique among all castles of Europe because it also teaches visitors how to live happier life not through a status quo but through

         “Continuous and Harmonious Changes in Our Lives.

The statues of Four Seasons are the symbols of the castle’s theme of harmonious change, and so is Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” music.

The statues of the Four Seasons will be placed on the Pieszyce Castle’s main tower in the near future to remind us about the need for respecting the current season of our lives and living accordingly to it in harmony with one selves and people around us.

The castle has many renaissance and baroque paintings that promote the joy of life. Among others, there are many mythological paintings showing how gods have dealt with love, jealousy, envy, betrayal and power thirst. Some hand-painted pictures have their symbolical meaning inscribed on their banners that are a part of the painting composition.

Many paintings show joy of life in pastoral settings, parks, and in castle and palace rooms. That joy is accentuated by harmonious arrangements, and warm, vivid colors of high quality paintings. All halls and rooms have their own themes and paintings that accentuate the desired message and create the appropriate mood.

The castle paintings do not show any disasters, death, fighting, fires, victories or war. Every conflict affects people with grief and sorrow, and they are the ones who pay the real price for any war.

This is why, “even the biggest military victory is still a defeat for humanity.” For this reason, there are no weapons of any kind on display in the castle. All pictures represent human harmony and winning of Good over Evil within the human spirits and minds.

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