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Castle History

The Pieszyce village (German Peterswalde) was started by German settlers in XIII century, on a land granted by a Polish prince residing in Wroclaw. The first written note about Peterswalde dates from 2.IV 1258. All successive owners of the village were of German ancestry.

In 1608 Friedrich von Gellhorn married Marie von Reibnitz, owner of Pieszyce that had already a population of 3,000. In 1615 he started construction of the Pieszyce castle as the center for his commercial activities and to support his life style. In 1705 the Pieszyce village and its castle bought textile industrialist Bernhard von Mohrenthal.

Von Mohrenthal has rebuilt the castle between 1705 and 1710 under the direction of famous Swiss architect Frantz Martin Jr. who added new baroque facade and mansard roof. Because Mohrenthal was competing successfully against the English manufacturers, they have put embargo on his products and Mohrenthal went into bankruptcy.

The new owner was count Erdmann von Promnitz, who also was a textile industrialist and continued Mohrenthals operations, making Pieszyce a center of textile industry in the Lower Silesia.

Having good position with the Habsburgs and then Hohenzollern's courts, he was able to grow its businesses on the continent, avoiding the English dominated markets. Not having any children, von Promnitz has given Pieszyce to his nephew Christian Friedrich von Stolberg.

In 1765, the left wing of the castle was rebuilt to house a protestant church. And in 1784 von Stolberg renovated the facade. Nine years later he changed the castle tower by removing tall, early baroque structure, and putting an observation deck with balusters and huge Chinese umbrella.

In 1801 von Stolberg has completed renovation of the entire castle; putting new plaster on the walls, repairing floors and putting new ceramic heating stoves in place of the fireplaces.

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