Sypialnia Komnaty Prezydenckiej
Gabinet Komnaty Prezydenckiej
Sufit w Holu Głównym

What You Can See

The Pieszyce Castle is the largest baroque castle in Silesia. Its reconstruction sponsored by some U.S. investors, is the biggest private endeavor of its kind in Europe.


Polish STYLBUD Company is renovating the Pieszyce Castle. It has received form the investors the rights to show tourists how major historical renovations are being made.

As a result, you can watch artisans at work and purchase some of their artworks that have been used for castle decorations.

The castle has over 60 rooms and large dungeons, of which only 650 square meters (7,000 Sq. Ft) have been reclaimed. Only selected rooms are available for public viewing.

The renovation project will be completed in a few years. At that time, it should be one of the most romantic castles of Europe, serving for weddings, wedding anniversaries and private VIP parties.

The castle will be closed to the public after the first few major suites are completed. At that time the castle will be used exclusively for private activities.

So the best time to see the Pieszyce castle is right now.

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